Welcome to Cheever Industries

Cheever Industries   30 Main Street Rear   Ashland MA 01721.   508-231-8800,    Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST


Cheever Industries is your source for replacement computer parts, service and repair.
We provide hard to find out of warranty replacement spare parts for the computer service
and maintenance industry. Our line covers business PC’s, personal computers, notebooks,
netbooks, laptops, workstations and servers.
We pride ourselves on catering to our customers’ needs.
Shipping worldwide, same day orders is routine for Cheever Industries.
Whether you are a self-maintainer searching for a single part or a business servicing a multitude of districts we hope you enjoy the positive experience that many of our dedicated customers already have.

Brendan Cheever founded Cheever Industries in 2003 out of the garage of his home.

Expansion of the business was quick and with organic growth, organizing a talented team of professional employees that really make the overall experience with Cheever Industries a success.  

With over 25 years of experience in the computer parts sales industry, Brendan has been active in secondary computer parts market since 1992.

Today, Cheever Industries is one of the top sellers for genuine replacement computer spare parts in the IBM, Lenovo, HP and Dell market, serving educational facilities, Hospitals, and fortune 500 companies for over 15 years.

"Back in ’92, computers were beige, monitors were black & white, and the transfer of electronic information was done via sneakernet.” -Brendan Cheever, Founder

Cheever Industries, Garage Entrepreneur circa 2003