"Put it in a bag of Rice"
We have all heard this great advice from experienced friends and family members.
Because these are the people we trust. After all... it did work for them... or did it?

Water (unless distilled) contains impurities and minerals. Oxidation and corrosion can occur almost instantly after a liquid spill.
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We use a method to displace liquid and corrosion, before it can permanently damage your device

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Your device is carefully disassembled and undergoes a thorough cleansing in a Crest CP500D Ultrasonic Cleaner.
Using an electronic cleaning solution is the proper way to clean and displace liquid and corrosion.

Will it fix my iPhone/MacBook and how much will it cost?
That depends on on several factors. The best thing to do after a liquid spill is power down your iPhone / Macbook immediately. Do not attempt to charge it. Common curiosity is to "just see" if it will turn on or stay working. Remember! you are now dealing with water and electricity!
Have an experienced technician disassemble your device and carefully wash and displace the liquid and corrosion with the correct tools and cleaning solution.
In most cases with iPhone's, common parts to replace are screens, batteries and charge ports. For Macbooks, it can be a keyboard, a trackpad and surrounding cables. However, due to unknown factors there is no guarantee that liquid damage treatment will fix your device temporarily or permanently.

The cost for liquid damage treatment for iPhones is a non-refundable $50 prepayment. The treatment is only an attempt to power on your device and does not include the cost of any potentially needed replacement parts. It involves carefully dissembling your iPhone, removing the logic board and washing it in the ultrasonic cleaner. If the boards powers on using our test bench parts (screen/battery/charge port), we will advise on what additional parts may be needed. If you would like to recover photo's only and not attempt to repair the phone, please inquire within for additional costs. If your iPhone does not power on after treatment, we do not reassemble due to unnecessary time and labor. In addition, there is no warranty for liquid damage treatment. 

The cost for MacBook liquid repair can range from $180-280+
It can also require additional parts including replacement logic board components and micro soldering.